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Kyle Anderson's fellow rookies give him dubious honor

At the annual NBA rookie photo shoot, 38 newly drafted NBA players answered questions about their peers. The newest Spur wasn't overlooked ... or he was. Well, you'll see.

At this week's NBA Rookie Photoshoot in New York City (where these entertaining pictures of Kyle Anderson were taken) 38 of the NBA's top draft picks were surveyed on a number of topics from "Who will win Rookie of the Year?" to "Who is the most athletic rookie?" The leading vote-getter in most of the questions was second-overall pick Jabari Parker, who won the "Who will be the 2014-2015 Rookie of the Year" and "Which rookie will have the best career?"

Somewhat surprisingly, Anderson got a few votes in the "best career" category, and he was viewed as the second-best "playmaker." But not the least bit surprisingly, he received the most mentions when the draftees were asked "Which Rookie is most overlooked?" taking 11.1% of the votes in winning the category like the true Spur he is. Michigan alumni Mitch McGary and Glen Robinson III tied for second place with 8.3% of the votes.

Unfortunately, he didn't even place in the "Funnies rookie" vote, with Joel Embiid walking away with the honors. Collectively, the rookie's biggest concerns are a) adjusting to the speed of the game, b) the size and strength of the opponents, and c) the length of the season. Not earth-shattering revelations by any means, but it does show that the youngsters are somewhat prepared for what will be required of them as they jump to the pros.

To take a look at the entire vote, click here.

Thanks to Cameron Adamczyk who assisted in preparing this story.