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NBA virtual 1-on-1 Tournament: Kevin Durant vs Jabari Parker

The next matchup is between one seed Kevin Durant and eighth seed Jabari Parker.

Ronald Martinez

The next matchup in the 1-on-1 Summer Showdown is between two scoring-oriented players, but one of them is just much better than the other.

The Rules

It is a half court game in which the scoring increments are 1 point for everything inside the arc, and 2 points for everything outside the arc. So long-distance bombers will do well in our tourney.  The higher seed stars off with the ball and the first player to 11 points wins. The possession switches every time the ball is scored, and your votes determine the winner.

Kevin Durant (1st Seed)

Kevin Durant would dominate this tournament if it wasn't for the fact that it is not make-it, take-it. Nobody, and I mean nobody, can stop Kevin Durant from scoring in this type of format. He is tall enough to shoot over anybody, and he is a knockdown shooter from literally anywhere on the court. He is the most polished offensive player in this tournament. It is going to be extremely hard to beat him.

Jabari Parker (8th Seed)

Jabari Parker has a similar skill type to Kevin Durant. He doesn't play much defense. He relies on his offense. He can hit jump shots. He is bigger than a lot of guys, and he uses that to his advantage. The difference between the two is that Parker is not in the same Universe as Durant.

Jabari really doesn't have a shot to win in this one.

Now It's Your Turn

This is where you decide the outcome. Vote on the poll below and make sure to let your opinion be known in the comments of this article.