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Report: Spurs are pursuing Ray Allen

Would Allen really spurn LeBron in order to join the champion Spurs?

Soobum Im-USA TODAY Sports

As if yesterday's news about the Spurs' interest in Gustavo Ayon wasn't enough, now we have to talk about Ray Allen and how he'd fit with the five-time champions, because:

First, let's set aside the fact of how awesome Marc Stein is, and how enjoyable it is to imagine the Spurs barging into the middle of an official league sweepstakes over the previously-reviled Allen, although I could probably hold forth on those topics for a considerable amount of time. There are more pressing items to address immediately.

Aside from the training camp invites (Bryce Cotton, JaMychal Green, etc) the Spurs currently have 14 players under contract for the coming year, and if Aron Baynes accepts his qualifying offer -- increasingly improbable, but still possible -- they'll be without any available spots to sign anyone unless they're looking into a trade, or preparing to waive someone.

This gambit looks puzzling at the moment, but in the extremely unlikely event that Allen can be lured away from the coattails of LeBron James, it certainly opens up any number of intriguing possibilities.

More to come as soon as it's available.