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Pop won't remember your name

Popovich provides yet another funny moment to his collection in this short clip that will make you laugh.

Alonzo Adams-USA TODAY Sports

Everyone has seen Gregg Popovich interact with the media. He's grumpy, he doesn't have time for stupid questions, and that often leads to funny soundbites, video, or facial expressions from the coach. In this video it looks like Popovich is involved in an instructional video or something with some kid - he's mic'd up, there are multiple cameras, and you can hear a crowd laughing a couple of times. I'm curious as to where this clip came from and if there is more. So Pop is working with three kids and as he's directing them on the court he asks them what their names are, because apparently that's the polite thing to do in that situation.  He learns their names and then he let's them know that, well, see for yourself.

Truthful and funny. Popovich has become the funniest guy in the NBA and his legend grows just a bit more with this one. It's not just the media that he has fun messing with, it'stuff like Hack-a-Shaq-ing Shaq himself on the first play on opening night just for a laugh, or making fun of Scott Brooks after Ginobili was slightly injured in the playoffs, or playfully mocking LeBron. Now he's moved on to kids so we know he's an equal opportunity grump.