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Tim Duncan's best playoff scores, Part 2

The top seven Timmy scores from the championship run.

Mark D. Smith-USA TODAY Sports

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Tim Duncan continues to defy time. We're a truly lucky bunch. On top of that, he's still not done!

Number Seven:

Boris Diaw handles the ball in transition and pushes it up the court to Kawhi Leonard who makes a move right at Chris Bosh just outside the restricted area. Before the two of them collide Whi gets the ball to Tim Duncan, who scores off the glass before joining Leonard and Bosh on the ground.


Number Six:

During a press conference during The Finals Tim Duncan said, "I feel like we can do it [continue to compete] until we don't want to do it anymore." Tim and the Spurs proved they can certainly still do it, breaking all kinds of records on their way to the franchise's fifth championship. Great passing here leads to a one-hand slam from Timmy followed by a little fist pump from the big fella.


Number Five:

Here's Tim cleaning up a Marco Belinelli miss with a sweet put-back. In "The Beautiful Game" Part 2 - Finals Edition Jeff Van Gundy is heard saying "The sustained excellence of Tim Duncan is mind-boggling" over this clip. Well said.


Number Four:

Tony Parker runs a pick-and-roll with Tim, draws two defenders and dishes to the diving Duncan. Big Fun absorbs the contact from Lopez and finishes anyway, picking up the and-one. The bench reaction is great and Timmy gets himself off of the ground very quickly, not waiting for help from his teammates.


Number Three:

This is pretty incredible. Tim is trailing in transition and works his way into the lane where he receives the ball from Tony as he's pushed by Samuel Dalembert. Somehow Tim is able to gather the pass and then put up a successful shot from behind the backboard.


Number Two:

I love that the Spurs went to Tim Duncan in OT of Game 6 in the WCF. Let him do his thing against an average post defender in Serge. Tim works with patience and finishes with an up-and-under to get two of his seven overtime points.


Number One:

After Whi took the ball from Russell Westbrook for the good guys we see the Spurs feed Tim Duncan down low. Westbrook brings help and goes for a steal, but Tim Duncan basically wrapped up the series by going over the over-matched Reggie Jackson one-on-one. Big-time score and he even gives a little tug of his jersey because he's pumped up. Tim Duncan.



Bonus GIF:

Tim Duncan with a hilarious bounce-pass. The Big Fundamental indeed.


Stay tuned for the next installment.