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J.R. Wilco accepts the ALS Ice Bucket challenge

Pounding the Rock's own editor-in-chief accepted, and issued, the challenge.

Sorry, Joshua, for getting your name wrong.

When I covered Danny Green, Tony Parker and Becky Hammon's challenges, I didn't expect to get pulled into this myself, but I did, by the site manager for SB Nation's Charlotte Hornets' blog, At the Hive. So this afternoon, with the help of a couple of friends and the jrwlings, I accepted the challenge myself.

Yes, that's a 5 gallon bucket, and it was indeed ice cold. If I had it to do again, I'd absolutely go with the 2.5 gallon and use a good deal less ice. First, because it was way colder than I expected it to be (even in the 98 degree Austin afternoon). Second, because I completely cleaned out my buddy's freezer of ice. Well, I left him a few cubes just so as not to be a bad, friend but still.

This didn't go down without a certain amount of personal sacrifice. You'll notice that the handle breaks just as my assistant is dousing me, with the bucket landing on my head. Second, it was so cold that my neck immediately spasmed and now I can't turn my head to the right. But all in all, it was worth it.

So Chris Itz, J.A. Sherman and Dave Deckard, it's your turn to step up to some exceedingly cold water, and for the rest of you £ers, please join me in donating to this excellent cause.