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Tim Duncan's best scores of the playoffs: Part 1

Part 13 of the "best of" series.

Andy Lyons

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Tim played the most minutes of anyone on the Spurs in the playoffs and also had the most win shares on the team. He's 38. I don't know what else to say.

Number Fourteen:

"Well, if you're not even going to try to stop me, don't mind if I do." Timmy with the uncontested score off of an offensive rebound. Yes Tim, that's a fine hand.


Number Thirteen:

Boris and Timmy do a little shuffle to get Duncan the ball in the post against LeBron. LeBron's a great defender, but Tim is a lot taller than James and Big Fun keeps the party going by knocking down a turnaround fade-away jay.


Number Twelve:

Tim Duncan put up a classic Duncan line of 22 points and 12 rebounds, or basically what he has averaged in his 228 playoff games. With the Spurs down seven early the team went to Duncan in the post, and he takes a turnaround fade-away jumper over Kendrick Perkins.


Number Eleven:

The Timmy face-up banker. I love the classics.


Number Ten:

With the lead back to a comfortable 14 in game four of the Western Semis, the Spurs ate some clock and extended their lead by going to Duncan in the post. Tim backs Lopez down just a little, then spins over his right shoulder and buries a jumper.


Number Nine:

Udonis Haslem is an undersized center, and Timmy wastes little time after he gets the entry pass from Tony Parker in the left block. Duncan goes with a quick dribble to his right before spinning clockwise into a turnaround fade-away jumper. Tim connects and the Spurs are back to within five. The two Australians on the bench think it's just swell.


Number Eight:

The GOATPUFF dropped 21 points in Game 1 of the WCF on the Ibaka-less Thunder in the first half. Early in the first quarter Tony Parker and Timmy ran a strange delayed pick-and-roll. Tony runs into Nick Collison off the screen, stops to survey the court, sees nothing except for Tim who lingers at the pick a little longer than normal before turning to dive, and makes a short pass over Duncan's head. Timmy's always had good hands, and after he catches the basketball he goes right at Collison with a one-dribble, 12-foot drive to the hoop and he gets the score.


Stay tuned for Part 2.