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Tony Parker and Becky Hammon accept the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

It's a point guard back-to-back as two more Spurs enter the fray.

Soobum Im-USA TODAY Sports

What started with Danny Green is now spreading through the San Antonio Spurs roster as the effort by members of the NBA to promote awareness of ALS has reached full-fledged meme status. Since Green only challenged his teammates from college, we had to wait for another way for the challenge to make its way into the Spurs org. And that happened when Adam Silver threw one out to Spurs assistant coach, Becky Hammon.

Hammon stepped up to the challenge and sent her own out to Tony Parker, among others.

Here's where things get interesting to me, because both Hammon and Parker go with the portrait-aspect-in-a-landscape-format that creates the two huge black bars on either side of the screen. Is it a point guard thing? Do their camera-people just not know any better? Was it recorded for Instagram and just ended up on YouTube instead? Questions abound.

Even more curious is Parker's holding on to the ice until the last moment. Is the water even cold before the ice goes in? Was he concerned that people wouldn't see the ice unless he added it conspicuously? Then there's the Jeff Ayres cameo as the ice-bucket dumper, and the extra cup of water to the face by an unidentifiable assailant. There's so much going on in this one and I have no answers, only queries.

Finally, there's the issue of Parker's challenges to Coach Popovich, Manu Ginobili and Boris Diaw, Pau Gasol and Dirk Nowitzki. Now, it's by far the largest number of people I've heard challenged by name in one of these videos, but the real eyebrow-raiser is Pop's inclusion. Can't wait to see where this goes.

Again, there's a ton of support for this across the NBA, so please take the opportunity to donate to the cause if you're interested.

Stay tuned for more news of Spurs accepting the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge. (Tim Duncan might be next as his girlfriend challenged him on Sunday. h/t Project Spurs)