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Best Manu Ginobili scores of the Playoffs: Part One

Part 12 of the "best of" series features El Contusion working his magic.

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It's time to check out the most exciting, inventive scorer for the Spurs and perhaps the most beloved Spur, Emanuel David Ginobili. Gino is always just a second away from a highlight, with his insane passes, wily defense and that deadly high pick-and-roll. It's fun to watch the Spurs play team-first ball with all of that passing and finding a better shot, but watching a player like Manu, with his unique talent and approach to the game, create individually is still one of my favorite things to see. Here are the first eight of his best 17 plays from the championship run.

Number Seventeen:

This is Manu's second and final field goal of Game Three of the Conference Semis. He uses a Duncan pick to gather speed before attacking the slow-footed Robin Lopez in the lane and finishing fairly easily going left.


Number Sixteen:

Here's Manu somehow converting a mishandled, fumbling, rushed, hand-in-his-face, shot clock-beating three.


Number Fifteen:

We see Gino playing for the two-for-one as he blitzes off a Splitter screen and has enough patience to let Aldridge make his move and then finish with a lefty banker from the right side of the rim. Crafty.


Number Fourteen:

Ginobili and Duncan with their classic give-and-go off the inbound.


Number Thirteen:

Here we see Tony drive and kick to Manu, who immediately attacks Lillard, beats him going left, and then it's just a simple little layup for the score. Lillard had trouble with the Argentine.


Number Twelve:

Manu seemed to be licking his chops at the sight of Steven Adams as the protector of the paint. On this play he uses a high screen from Baynes and then goes right  before finishing left with Adams well out of position to contest the shot.


Number Eleven:

Manu vs. Lillard and a Duncan screen are a bad combo for the Blazers. Manu shakes Lillard, gets into the paintand converts a floater over Lopez. Said Lillard,

Their screens hurt. They actually set real screens. They do a great job of setting and holding screens. It wears you down. Chasing Tony Parker is one thing. Getting hit every single time is another thing. It takes a toll on you.


Number Ten:

Poor Dirk. There's been a switch and now he has to check Ginobili way out at the top of the arc. It's not exactly fair, Dirk's feet don't know where to go and Gino gets into the paint where he flips a little shot over Nowitzki and through the hoop.


Number Nine:

In overtime of Game 6 of the WCF Manu decided that if no one was going to step up to guard him that he should just use a quick burst to get the the rim. Awesome stuff from The Manu.


The Magician's top eight plays are coming tomorrow.