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Tony Parker's best scores of the conference finals and The Finals

In part eleven of the "best of" series we'll look at some more scores from the Wee Frenchman.

Chris Covatta

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Tony Parker's best scoring plays vs. Dallas and Portland.


A quick look at some of the quick Frenchman's scores in the latter half of the championship run.

Number Five:

Here's Tony Parker curling around a Tim Duncan screen and taking it right at Kendrick Perkins. That's a tough shot but Tony makes it look so easy as he's mastered the art of finishing.


Number Four:

Here Tony loses Thabo Sefolosha with a nice crossover and follows that up by just flying by Nick Collison to get a routine layup. While it looks like Parker broke Thabo's ankle, it's actually Tiago Splitter stepping on his foot. Teamwork!


Number Three:

Tim Duncan is one of the league's best outlet passers and here we see him toss a 50-foot beauty to Tony. TP keeps the ball out of Dwyane Wade's reach and finishes with a little kiss off the glass.


Number Two:

Check out this Tony Parker play. He steals the inbound pass, races down the court and then plays a quick two-man game with Tiago. Splitter is such a great passer; his timing and accuracy are incredible for a guy his size. The give-and-go works perfectly with Splitter hitting Tony with a beauty and Parker converting one of the easier layups he gets.


Number One:

Tony Parker uses Westbrook's aggressiveness against him. Russ is so focused on stealing the ball that Tony loses him 30 feet from the basket with a nice crossover. Tony's burst is too much for Perkins and Tim makes sure that Ibaka can't get over to help. Good stuff.


Come back tomorrow. Ginobili's best scores are up next.