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Kawhi Leonard's best playoff plays, Part 2

The conclusion to Kawhi's best playoff plays.

Robert Mayer-USA TODAY Sports

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Number Seven:

This was the second time during the WCF that Leonard used a spin move to get by Durant and score.


Number Six:

Here's a Kawhi Leonard steal and score. Leonard steals the pass from Russell Westbrook to Durant, dribbles around KD, and then has no problem getting to the hole with Derek Fisher and Reggie Jackson as the only guys in his way.


Number Five:

Just a little bit after that spin move we see Kawhi swipe the ball away from Durant, track it down, speed down the floor, and then kick the ball out to Danny Green at the right wing for an open triple. . Kawhi's court vision and decision making have room to grow, but this was a nice pass out to a deadly deep-ball shooter in his most successful location.


Number Four:

Kawhi is really something else. Here he somehow covers 10+ feet to block a Durant jumper, and then gets out in transition and makes Tony Parker's job really easy. Parker gives up the rock and just watches as Leonard aggressively takes it to the rack for a sweet dunk.


Number Three:

Here's Kawhi using a little fake to get a step on Durant and then taking it it right at Serge Ibaka and throwing it down. Tony said the Spurs need to be aggressive in game four about 12 times in his interview before the game. This seemed sufficiently aggressive.


Number Two:

Kawhi Leonard's monster put-back jam. You can check out more angles in J.R. Wilco's post dedicated to just this play.


Number One B:

Kawhi Leonard started Game Six aggressively and showed no fear of the shot-blocking force that is Serge Ibaka. Leonard uses a spin move to lose Kevin Durant for the third time in the series. Ibaka comes to challenge Whi, but Whi used the opportunity to make a sweet poster.



Number One A:

Serge Ibaka erased a Manu Ginobili layup, and it was clean this time, which led to a Thunder run out. Fortunately for theSpurs they employ one Kawhi Leonard. Whi tracked the ball the whole way and just took it from Russell Westbrook. Otstanding.



Bonus Score and Steal:

Stay tuned for Part Nine of the series.