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Tony Parker's best assists of the Playoffs

Part Eight of the "best of" series. Let's look at some of the nicer dimes from Tony.

Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

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Six of the finest assists and one gorgeous hockey assist for your viewing enjoyment.

Number Seven:

Parker/Splitter pick-and-roll, easy points. The Blazers are so focused on stopping Parker that they forgot about Splits. By the end of the series I think they are familiar with Tiago Splitter.


Number Six:

Here's Tony Parker working a pick-and-roll with Tiago SplitterRobin Lopez looks to contest a Tony shot, but with LaMarcus Aldridge having to account for Tiago, Tim Duncan is left wide open right next to the basket for an easy bucket.


Number Five:

Tony works his way into the paint off a Timmy hand-off and finds Kawhi wide open with a spectacular over-the-shoulder pass.

Number Four:

After The Manu picks up a loose ball the Spurs have a three-on-one, and Gino pushes the ball forward to Parker with Kawhi Leonard trailing. Tony dribbles once before giving up the rock to our young small forward who gathers and goes up for the slam. Monta Ellis arrives just in time to hack Leonard and send Whi to the free-throw line for an and-one.

Bonus GIF content: Jeff Ayres with "The Hand"


Number Three:

Tony didn't shoot the ball very well at the beginning of the Game 2 in the conference semis, but he distributed well for his teammates. Here we see him work around a Duncan drag-screen, penetrate into the paint, and then make a great wrap-around bouncer to Tiago Splitter for the slam dunk. I think it's funny when announcers talk about teams wanting to play with pace as if the Spurs don't like to get out and run. That took 7 seconds off the shot clock.


Number Two:

It's Tony Parker and Tim Duncan that start the action with a pick-and-roll out of transition. Tony comes off the pick and finds Nick Collison impeding his progress, so the Frenchman makes a slick pass over his head to Tiago Splitter who has great position under the basket. Kendrick Perkins leaves Tim Duncan to take away the easy layup for Splitter, but the big Brazilian makes one of his great passes, this one around Perkins and into the waiting hands of the now-open Tim. Duncan finishes the sequence with a one-hand jam.



Number One:

Tony Parker: Scorer, creator, spin-master, facilitator, master of all eight layups, closer, starter. What can't he do? Here he drives into the paint, spins only to be met by a double-team, which means that someone is open. Tony goes airborne and then somehow finds the open man with a truly remarkable dish!. That open guy just happens to be one of the greatest basketball players of all time, and Tim Duncan knocks down the jumper. Big Fun!


Stay tuned for part eight.