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NBA 1-on-1 Virtual Tournament: Kyrie Irving vs. DeMar DeRozan

This is a battle of elite scorers, and it should be a close one.


The next matchup in the 1-on-1 Summer Showdown is between the streetball Uncle, Kyrie Irving, and T-Dot's All-Star, DeMar DeRozan.

The Rules

It is a half-court game in which the scoring increments are 1 point for everything inside the arc, and 2 points for everything outside the arc. So, long-distance bombers will do well in our tourney.  The higher seed starts off with the ball, and the first player to 11 points wins. The possession switches every time the ball is scored, and your votes determine the winner.

Kyrie Irving (3rd Seed)

Irving is one of those players that would be best in a format like this. He doesn't have to pass. All he has to do is make fancy dribbles and hit lots of jump shots, which are the two things he does best.

While Kyrie doesn't defend his position well, his incredible jump shot and range make him seriously dangerous. Like the rules alluded to, the 3-point shot will be incredibly important and gives any player who can knock them down a serious threat. Irving can do that very well.

We also saw his ability to score at the highest level in a highlight exhibit that is all about scoring - the All-Star Game. He was named MVP in that game thanks to his 31 points and 14 assists. He is a real threat for not only this game, but for the rest of the tournament.

DeMar DeRozan (6th Seed)

The most distinct advantage in this match-up for DeRozan is his 6-foot-7 frame. He will have a substantial size advantage over Irving, who stands at just 6-foot-3. His length will have to be used to slow down Irving's barrage of jump shots.

DeRozan is not so shabby shooting the ball either. He averaged 22.7 points per game last season, which bests Irving's per-game total. He also has the ability to knock down 3-point shots, but it isn't his bread and butter. His game relies on the two-point shot and finishing at the rim.

Now It's Your Turn

This is where you decide the outcome. Vote on the poll below and make sure to let your opinion be known in the comments of this article.