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Aron Baynes' best plays of 2013-14

The second in a series of posts featuring the best plays of the year from the San Antonio Spurs.

Mark D. Smith-USA TODAY Sports

Be sure to check out the first in the series: Best plays of Cory Joseph.


Let's check out the big Aussie's best plays of 2013-14. Like CoJo, Aron didn't get much playing time outside of garbage time, but he still had his moments. Let's check out six of them.

Number Six:

Baynes handles a well-placed bounce pass from Manu Ginobili in transition before finishing with a gliding layup.


Number Five:

Aron comes out to set a high screen for Marco Belinelli and the Clippers double Marco which leaves Baynes free to dive to the hoop. Beli hits him with a nice pass and Baynes finishes with a nice jam.


Number Four:

Right place, right time. The Big Banger makes the most of finding the ball in the paint by dunking all over Markieff Morris. Bonus: Manu's reaction on the bench.


Number Three:

I don't know if you had noticed, but the man of many towels waves, Patty Mills, mostly went to The Slapper this past season. This big dunk in transition, with a nice feed from Cory Joseph, impresses Patty so much that he doesn't go with a standard towel wave, instead free-styling a celebration for his fellow countryman.


Number Two:

Here's a play from the playoffs. Ginobili is unsuccessful on his drive off of the high screen, but no problem because Baynes is there to clear flyweight Lillard into the third row before cleaning up Manu's miss with a sweet putback.


Number One:

On December 10th Aron Baynes had his career night, finishing with 14 points and seven rebounds in Toronto. Check out Baynes subtly fake a hand-off to Manu, explode around Jonas Valanciunas, and finish over a cowering Steve Novak with a thunderous dunk. That's probably the most powerful dunk of the year from a Spur.


Stay tuned for the third installment.