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Introducing the 1-on-1 NBA virtual tournament

Have you ever wanted to see how NBA players would fare in a 1-on-1 tournament against other NBA players? So did we, and that is why PtR is bringing to you this series-the first ever Pounding the Rock 1-on-1 Summer Showdown

Gary Miller

Ladies and Gentleman, Boys and Girls, it is time for a summer event unlike anything you have ever seen before. Let me introduce you to Pounding the Rock's 1-on-1 Summer Showdown.

The concept is simple.

Thirty-two of the best players in the NBA will square off in 1-on-1 games, tournament-style. The players who win will move on to the next round until one player is left standing: the league's best 1-on-1 player.

The first task is deciding which players make it into the 32-man event. Then we will set the rules -- is it make-it-take-it, or losers? Take it back to the free throw line? Take it back to the three-point line? Are we playing to 10, or 12, or 15? Are buckets worth 1 or 2? Are 3's worth 2 or 3? There's a lot to get straight, and we'll decide on all these questions together.

But first, we decide on the contestants. Below are the players to vote into the tournament. These are not the only players eligible as you can write in your own suggestions in the comments.

The poll we used to record the votes was doing an odd thing in which when you voted, it would redirect you to a different page and could no longer access the article itself. We made the decision to remove the poll and use the results we had. Thank you for voting. Seeding and rules posts coming soon.