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How much has Kawhi Leonard's game matured?

An excellent video showing the strides Leonard has made since joining the Spurs.

Gary Miller

I saw this SBN video while reading an excellent fanpost on Kyle Anderson and knew I needed to share it. Draft Express did an excellent job finding the improvements in Kawhi Leonard's game. It's about 15 minutes and shows a lot of video clips and has no voice-over, so you have to pay attention the whole time or you miss stuff, but it's really good and helped me to appreciate The Hand even more.

In fact, watching this makes me feel pretty ok about the future of the Spurs.  It makes me wonder how many guys who have had skill and talent haven't made it because they haven't been in a good situation.  Of course, it also makes me wonder about the guys who haven't put in the hard work to make themselves better.  Lots of props to the coaches that have helped Kawhi along and to Kawhi himself for being willing to put in the time and effort.  The future is bright.