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Tales of Popovich's summer, lessons Ibaka learned from the Spurs, and the NBA's best franchise

Pop went into the Pacific Northwest to look in on his Rock and Hammer wine and help out a charity. Serge credits his quick recovery on ... himself. And SBNation hits up to see which franchise is the all time tops.

Soobum Im-USA TODAY Sports

Here are the stories that you might have missed but need to see:

Finding Gregg Popovich in Oregon's Willamette Valley |
Why was the San Antonio Spurs coach hobbling around Oregon wine country last week?

Serge Ibaka Talks Recovery, Lessons from the Spurs, OKC Future and Derek Fisher | Bleacher Report
While the Miami Heat find themselves picking up the pieces after the breakup of their Big Three and the Cleveland Cavaliers busy themselves trying to create a new one, the Oklahoma ...

The Spurs are the NBA's best franchise since the Berlin Wall fell -
San Antonio is the best NBA team since 2010. And 2005. And 2000. And 1995. And 1990. And so on.