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Cavaliers expert hopes Cleveland's new offense looks like San Antonio's

It's another episode of Fraternizing with the Enemy. Next up: Ryan of Fear the Sword and the Cavaliers' topsy-turvy summer.

David Richard-USA TODAY Sports

With the Spurs and Cavs being recently linked in the NBA's rumor mills, I reached out to Ryan Mourton -- a contributor at Fear the Sword, SB Nation's site covering the Cleveland Cavaliers -- to talk about their busy summer, find out how they were reacting to The Decision 2.0, chat about how things had changed now that LeBron James was making his home in Ohio again, and get into The Season Opener question. Turns out he's been following the Spurs, and not just through the playoffs, but into their offseason transactions and the Manu Ginobili injury/rehab/World Cup stuff as well.

He had a lot to say about Tim Duncan's crew, the way the San Antonio's offense operated through the playoffs, and his expectations for what David Blatt will do with Cleveland's. And as we converse over the course of the week, we'll continue to dig into the Andrew Wiggins for Kevin Love options as well.

Keep checking back  for updates as Ryan and I will keep the conversation going.