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Cory Joseph's best plays of 2013-2014

The first in a series of posts featuring the best plays of the year.

Joe Robbins

This is the first in a series of "best of" plays of the 2013-2014 season. We're starting with the Spurs' 29th pick in the 2011 draft. Let's get right to it.

Number Nine:

Let's start with Joseph attacking, a common theme here, the Memphis reserves. Cory doesn't even wait for Jeff Ayres to set a screen for him before bullying his way through the lane and getting a nice layup to fall through the net.


Number Eight:

With the Spurs holding a 30-point lead we see aggressive Cory drive to the rack and get the best of Robert Sacre. The kid seems to have absorbed some of Tony's finishing ability, complete with controlled crash and slide on the floor.


Number Seven:

While not as prolific as Kawhi Leonard, Cory Joseph is a also a practitioner of the steal and score. Here he is poking out an inbound-pass and taking it the other way for an easy layup.


Number Six:

I really like this play. Joseph uses his wiles to fake Kris Humphries into the air, and into Kelly Olynk's way, before spinning on his pivot foot and scoring two for the good guys.


Number Five:

Cory goes with a slight hesitation before exploding towards the rim. He absorbs contact from Byron Mullens and finishes with the and-one.


Number Four:

This play makes it just for the ridiculousness of the shot. Cory has a knack for finishing at the rim, and if he can develop a reliable jumper he would be an interesting weapon. I guess we'll see a bit more of CoJo with Patty Mills scheduled to miss a couple of months of the upcoming season. Anyway, here he drives and finishes a really difficult shot.


Number Three:

Here's a nice steal from the Canadian, who then takes it the other way and beats one of the best defensive point guards in the league in Patrick Beverley. Cory gets the ball to go off of the glass just before Chandler Parsons can catch up.


Number Two:

First Joseph steals the ball from Spurs-offense appreciator Marcin Gortat, safely brings the ball up the court, and then attacks as soon as he receives the ball at the wing. Notice that it is Gortat who fails to alter/block Cory's attempt.


Note: Play sped up in the middle.

Number One:

I think everyone knew which play would be Joseph's best of the season. Still, it's always fun to see CoJo throw it down on Serge Ibaka. Manu's impressed.


And the baseline slow-motion angle.