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Mavericks expert weighs in on Chandler Parsons vs. James Harden and the Rockets

In the latest episode of Fraternizing with the Enemy, Tim Cato of MavsMoneyball and J.R. Wilco take on the topics that impact both Spurs and Mavericks fans.

Chris Covatta

You can rationalize it however you want, but the Dallas Mavericks played the Spurs tougher, and took them further than any other team in last year's playoffs. Sure, Tony Parker and Manu Ginobili went off and San Antonio made sure that Game 7 was never in doubt, jumping out to leads of 10-5, 20-10, 30-16, and 40-25 to romp to a 25 point win. But the bottom line is that the Mavs made the Spurs play a seventh and deciding game, something no other opponent can say about the 2014 Playoffs.

So buckle in and get ready, because this promises to be one of the best Fraternizing with the Enemy series yet. And remember that you now get to to see the conversation as it happens, so check back frequently -- or follow us on Twitter for updates when new replies are ready for your viewing pleasure.