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Report: Patty Mills, Spurs, agree on three-year contract

Mills will be back with the Spurs after rehabbing his shoulder

Andy Lyons

Patty Mills will return to San Antonio on a three year deal, as first reported by Buck Harvey. The details are still unknown.

Mills was in line for a serious pay raise after having the best season of his career and contributing to a championship in San Antonio. It seemed like both the team and the player wanted to continue the relationship but an injury to Mills' rotator cuff changed everything. The point guard will need surgery and could miss up to seven months.

After the news of Patty's injury broke, there were reports indicating the Spurs intended to bring him back anyway. But the team was also consistently linked to guards in free agency and with roster spots not easy to come by (and with the signing of the Mill-esque Bryce Cotton) it seemed possible the signing could happen during the season.

Instead, the Spurs locked down one of the key pieces of their championship run long term. Mills is only 25, so even if he misses most of next season, the Spurs will have him under contract through the beginning of his prime.

Whether this is in fact a good signing on not will depend on how quickly Mills returns to his previous level. And of course, the total sum of the contract will play a big part on how the deal will be perceived.

For now, there's nothing to do but remain optimistic about his chances of Patty playing next season. The recovery will surely be rough but Mills is a hard worker.

We'll update you when more information becomes available.

Update: The deal appears to be for $12 million over three years. That's a fair deal for someone of Mills' talent and impact.