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San Antonio Spurs free agent rumors

Free Agency officially started at midnight ET on July 1st and the rumors about who the Spurs are interested in are already flying around.

Ronald Martinez

San Antonio is rarely if ever a player in free agency. And I thought there was a good chance that all the Spurs would do was resign their free agents and then see if who wanted to come to San Antonio on the cheap. But with the news that Patty Mills' shoulder will require surgery, everything changes. Sure, it's still important to get Boris Diaw secured for next year, but everything else is up in the air -- including the free agents that the front office pursues. Here's a look at

We just saw a good amount of Lewis in the Finals and he's been known to hit a three-pointer when he's open, but I wasn't impressed with his defense. I don't feel too excited about this rumor. Let's move on.

Bazemore is an athletic 6'5 shooting guard who's just 24. His calling card is his defense, but he's gone off from deep a time or two so I guess you could call him streaky. That said, he only hit about a third of his three-pointers last year. Which makes me wonder what Chip Engelland could do with him. Intriguing.

Telfair is 29 and spent the 2013-14 season with the Tianjin Ronggang of the Chinese Basketball Association. That's right, the Ronggang. He's six feet, 165 pounds and the highlight of his career was probably leading the Toronto Raptors in a revenge win over his former team, the Phoenix Suns, in March of 2013. I'm nonplussed.

Update on Telfair: The Oklahoma City Thunder have announced their signing of Telfair for a single year at the veterans' minimum.

Last year, the quintessential journeyman 6'7 point guard averaged 8 points, 3 assists and 3 rebounds in 26 minutes a night for the Brooklyn Nets. He is not a deep threat, but he's been in the league since 2004 and these are the teams he's played for: Clippers (2004-07), Heat (2008-09), Thunder (2008-10), Wizards (2009-10), Bobcats (2010-11), Bucks (2011-12), Cavaliers (2012-13), Wizards again (2012-13), Nets (2013-14). Last year was his best since 2007 with the Clippers.

Update on Livingston: he agreed to terms with the Warriors, so he's off the market.

Update: The Spurs have expressed serious interest in Caron Butler, according to San Amick:

Butler has been on the Spurs' radar for a while, with the team making overtures two years ago in free agency and last season after he was waived by the Bucks. Butler rebuffed them both times and fell out of the Thunder's rotation in the Conference Finals but the Spurs apparently remain interested. Butler is 34-years-old and last season averaged 10.5 points and 4.1 rebounds per game on 39% shooting from three.