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Davis Bertans signs 3-year contract with Baskonia of the Spanish League

The Spurs' second-round pick of three years ago has found a nice landing-place after his previous squad's financial troubles knocked them out of Euroleague play.

Davis Bertans, the 21-year-old forward the Spurs drafted in the second round of 2011, has a new club in Spain's ACB League.

The fact that he'll be able to exit his deal at the end of every season is a huge plus as J. Gomez recently wondered if Bertans would become the Spurs' latest international gem. Nice to know that if he blossoms in the next year or two, there won't be any difficult buy-out clauses trapping him in Europe and preventing the Spurs from bringing him to San Antonio.

Earlier this month, Bertans agreed to terms with his previous team, Partizan Belgrade, which freed him up to come to the Spurs, or anywhere in Europe. Since San Antonio's roster is all but completely filled, and since Bertans is still returning to form after his ACL surgery, Saski Baskonia seems like the perfect destination for him.

The ACB League is arguably the best domestic league outside the NBA. It will be much easier for eager Spurs fans to keep tabs on Bertans now since the Spanish league has better broadcast infrastructure and his team will play the Euroleague.

Baskonia has previously employed plenty of familiar names, including Tiago Splitter, Fabricio Oberto, Andres Nocioni, Luis Scola and Jose Calderon.