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Utah Jazz expert weighs in on Dennis Lindsey's compliment of the Spurs

Utah Jazz General Manager Dennis Lindsey recently said something so nice about the Spurs, that it couldn't be ignored. So AllThatAmar of the excellent SLCDunk, and J.R. Wilco are getting together this weekend to discuss Lindsey's statement, as well as the myriad connections between the two teams.

Russ Isabella-USA TODAY Sports

The Jazz and the Spurs have a lot in common, and they owe each other debts both long-standing and fairly new. Coach Popovich has often spoken of the things he learned from watching Jerry Sloan's incredible run at the helm of Utah's teams with Stockton and Malone -- and beyond. Both are small-market teams that have found ways to survive and thrive in a league that's often been dominated by teams spending large-market money to build their championship squads. Dennis Lindsey, the Jazz's general manager, served under R.C. Buford as the Spurs' assistant GM from 2007-12 before joining Utah. And the Gordon Hayward just tested the waters as a restricted free agent, something that the Spurs usually try to avoid with their own players -- but might not be able to before Kawhi Leonard's contract ends next year. All of this offers a ton of topics to choose from, which is why I reached out to Amar to ask him to a weekend chat.

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