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Summer Links: Kyle Anderson interviews, plus Mills and Baynes drop a videobomb

Draft picks in Las Vegas, the continuation of the trophy tour and even more good news about the Spurs' future salary cap situation.

Robert Prezioso

Kyle Anderson, A Spur All The Way - ESPN Video - ESPN
ESPN Video: The San Antonio Spurs' Kyle Anderson on being Spursy, going from New York to Los Angels and his love for the Colombian national team.

NBA stars bomb live AFL report - Footy Junkie
Fox Sports Australian Football League reporter Julian de Stoop was the victim of a videobomb during a live report on Wednesday morning outside Collingwood s headquarters by two men who just happened to be carrying with them some pretty impressive hardware.

Howard Beck: 1-on-1 with San Antonio Spurs Draft Pick Kyle Anderson | Bleacher Report
One more interview with Anderson (who doesn't seem to be difficult to get time with in Vegas) for those who just can't get enough of hearing him talk about how much he likes being a Spur.