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Las Vegas Summer League Game Preview: Spurs vs. Jazz

In the second round of the Las Vegas Summer League tournament, the Spurs will take on the Utah Jazz, led by the Australian wonder, Dante Exum

Mike Stobe

For only having 3 actual Spurs on the team, the summer Spurs looked pretty dang Spurs-y on Wednesday. Their highest scorer, Kyle Anderson, had 14, and they only had three players in double-figures, yet they scored 100 points as a team. Oh, and they beat the Bucks by 29.

They had 19 assists on 38 shot makes, whipping the ball around the floor just like the varsity squad. They rotated all 14 players in well, as everyone got at least 10 minutes of playing time. Although there were many good individual performances to choose from, Kyle Anderson was the man of the match.

Anderson got off to a quick start, scoring 9 of his 14 in the first quarter. Anderson showed confidence in his three-point range, making the first shot of the game behind the arc, and going 2-4 from deep. Anderson's whole offensive game has been encouraging all summer league. He has shown a willingness to score, and though he hasn't been too efficient when carrying the load, he's shown flashes that give hope for him to succeed within the flow of the offense when the regular season begins.

And of course, Anderson's passing has been great. He looks very measured and sure of himself when at the helm of the offense, a rarity for summer league players. He'll have to learn how to push the pace better (His name is "Slo-Mo" for a reason.) and how to play defense, but his summer league experience has definitely been a plus thus far.

The player you'll want to keep an eye on for the Jazz is the 5th pick in this year's draft, Dante Exum. And even if you don't want to keep an eye on him, he'll make it so you can't help but do so. Exum is a great scorer, able to get to the rim with the ball, or fly to the basket on a cut without it. He does a little bit of everything, averaging 7.3 ppg, 2.7 rpg, and 3 apg in Las Vegas.

The game starts at 5:00 PM CST, and will air on NBA TV and/or online at Summer League Live. The winner of this game will face the winner of Miami and Washington on Saturday.