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Final Score: Summer Spurs destroy Summer Bucks 100-71

Spurs win and will advance in the tournament to take on the Utah Jazz on Thursday.

William Mancebo

This one started with Kyle Anderson knocking down a couple of triples for the Spurs on their first few possessions of the game. After his poor shooting performance in the last game it was good to see him hit his first two threes in this one. He finished with a team high 14 points on 4-of-9 shooting, three rebounds and two assists.

In the first quarter the Spurs put on a clinic. They played solid defense and shared the ball on the other end on their way to a 31-19 lead when the quarter was over. The bench chipped in 16 of those points for the Spurs. The Spurs philosophy has trickled all the way down to the Summer Spurs. The basketball wasn't as pretty, but if you squinted at a 13" Magnavox from the early nineties you might have been fooled into thinking this was the regular Spurs. Or at least the deep bench.

The Spurs' offense came back down to Earth in the second quarter, but their defense improved. The Spurs forced turnovers, capitalized on a couple of unforced ones, and held the Bucks to just 15 points in the period. San Antonio took a commanding 54-34 lead into the half.

The Summer Spurs cruised to an easy win the second half, opening up 30+ point lead with about four minutes left in the game. San Antonio's defense is looking much better.

In typical Spurs fashion, every player that suited up for the Spurs scored in this contest.

We'll see what the Spurs can bring tomorrow night.