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World Cup Final: Argentina vs. Germany

Can Messi and Argentina prevail in hostile territory? Or will Germany continue it's march to claim another World Cup?

This is NOT the real thing.
This is NOT the real thing.
Laurence Griffiths

The World Cup has gotten the attention of everyone, including us (generally) futbol-avoiding Americans. Unlike the Larry O'Brien (which is now making a round-the-world trip with the Foreign Legion), the original World Cup Trophy has a very felonious history. In fact, the Jules Rimet Trophy was stolen for the last time in 1983, never to be seen again. Yet, theories abound that it was the replica stolen and that FIFA actually bought back the original in a 1997 auction for a measly £254,500. I had never heard about this prior to a 30 for 30 special, but dang if this isn't a conspiracy to appeal to us crazy Pounders. Heck, it's the offseason and the Spurs just won the NBA championship, so we collectively have nothing to complain about, except being spurned once again by free agents. So let's have some fun watching the world's favorite sport and conversing about random subjects.