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J.R. Wilco discusses Popovich's contract extension on the Phil Naessens show

Pop will be around for a few more years and that's great news plus LeBron, Boris and much more on The Phil Naessens Show

This is the happiest day of my life
This is the happiest day of my life
Chris Covatta

I joined Phil for my weekly spot on the Phil Naessens Show and we talked about Pop signing a contract extension, Boris doing the same and then I fielded a couple of questions from the listening audience. Of course we also talked a little bit about LeBron James as well. It was a fun time and I think you will enjoy it.

Our friends David Ramil and J.A. Sherman also joined Phil and obviously Free Agency and especially LeBron James is and was the main topic of discussion.  I’m sure you will enjoy their conversations just as much as I hope you will enjoy mine. I’ll leave the player below or you can download the program from Phil’s site here.