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Why NBA's free agency certifiably insane

The Mavs have decided to troll the Rockets. This is pretty entertaining for the middle of the summer.

Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

So I'm sitting here this morning minding my own business, trying to earn a living, and what do I see flash across my screen but a report from ESPN that the Mavericks have offered Chandler Parsons a 3-year $45 million offer sheet. Parsons, as many of you know, is a nice young player that the Rockets somehow neglected to extend on a rookie contract earlier in the year. This is the same Chandler Parsons that Houston reportedly didn't want to give up in a trade to get Rajon Rondo because of how much they like him. This all is happening while the Rockets are making a push for multiple big name free agents.

To recap: Houston has a very nice young player that they won't trade, but they also decline to extend his rookie contract for a year making him a restricted free-agent. They then go tell everyone that they'll match any offer he gets. The Rockets then make a max contract offer to Chris Bosh. At this point Mark Cuban thinks to himself, "It sure would be fun to go and do something cray-cray, and screw the Rockets at the same time!" and then proceeds to offer this nice young player more money per year than anybody on the Spurs makes. Houston of course can match and also sign Bosh, but as I understand it they need Bosh to sign first so that they can make all the cap figures work. (Hey, Tom Ziller, any word on if the Mavs and Rockets can get away with overpaying roll players too?)

Seeing things like this mind-numbingly stupid move by the Rockets -- and the crazy overpay the Mavs are trying to pull -- makes me glad that PATFO isn't chasing big name stars, or trying to convince themselves that a guy who shoots 37% from downtown is somehow worth $15 million a year. I must say that seeing Dallas put the screws to Houston is pretty funny. The Rockets really set themselves up for this, and it just adds to the enjoyment that it's a division rival being crazy enough to make them pay.

But what do I know about signing players or managing a salary cap? I half expect J. Gomez's next story to explain why this is a good deal for Parsons and make this whole rant look stupid, forcing me to say something about rooting for Germany in the WC final.

It is the off-season after all.