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1-on-1 NBA virtual tournament: Seeding Stage

If you missed the introduction to this series, click here.

Gary Miller

Pounding the Rock's Super Summer 1-on-1 Virtual Tournament tipped off with the voting process that determined the 32 contestants that will be competing for the title of ... winner, I guess. The next step is to open up the voting to determine each player's seeding.

For those of you who voted in the first round, have no fear. This survey system will not redirect to a new page. The colors leave something to be desired, but this will get the job done. If you had issues with the previous poll, they will not be repeated with this one.

The tournament will be set up with 4 divisions containing 8 players in each division. (Please note, when voting, that you don't have to be exact. Just assign each player a rough seeding.) The higher seed will have distinct advantages, so vote with your conscience.

And before all else -- try to have fun.