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Spurs Infographic: NBA Finals, Game 2

The Spurs lost a heartbreaker Sunday night, here are the numbers behind the game wrapped up with a pretty bow.

As you can see from the beautiful information that Mariah Medina (@mariahmedinaaa) has provided us, Tony led the Spurs with 21 points. What it doesn't tell you though is that the Big Three of Tony, Tim, and Manu were the only Spurs to end Game 2 in double figures. The rest of the team is going to need to step up for the Spurs to have a chance in this series. A LeBron-type of game of 30+ wouldn't hurt either. The other killer for the Spurs is the 12 points of 20 attempts from the stripe. That's not going to cut it in the NBA Finals. The Spurs have to be more aggresive to get more than 20 attempts, and absolutely must make those attempts. Those eight points left on the floor were the difference between 2-0 and 1-1.


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