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GIF Breakdown: NBA Finals Game 2 - Miami Heat at San Antonio Spurs

We'll have a quick GIF Breakdown today and regroup for Game Three.

Andy Lyons

Tim Duncan came out with purpose and he scored nine of the Spurs' first 15 points. He got his first score out of a Tony Parker/Timmy pick-and-roll when Tony got him the ball at the left elbow. Duncan is met by Chris Bosh, but Tim attacks the hoop and gets an and-one off the glass.


Here's Tim cleaning up a Marco Belinelli miss with a sweet put back.


Manu Ginobili has played well in the first two games of the series. Here Gino drives from the wing around LeBron's closeout and finishes with a really nice reverse where he uses the rim to make sure Chris Anderson can't get to his shot.


Tim Duncan is one of the league's best outlet passers and here we see him toss a 50-foot beauty to Tony. TP keeps the ball out of Dwyane Wade's reach and finishes with a little kiss off the glass.


That's it for this edition of GIF Breakdown, Pounders. We'll be back after Game Three, hopefully after a Spurs win.