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Ginobili Uses Euro-Step To Cut In Line (Parody)

Andy Lyons

At a 3pm showing of Maleficent on Friday afternoon, Manu Ginobili stunned patrons waiting for tickets by employing the euro-step to cut to the front of the line. Afterwards many of those interviewed at the Regal Quarry Cinema were unable to reconcile exactly what they saw.

Chuck Goff, a real-estate agent with Keller Williams said he immediately turned to his wife. "Is that legal?" he asked.  His wife said she thought it was while Chuck insisted that it wasn't. While they argued, Ginobili purchased his ticket, walked inside, and ordered a large Diet Coke and some nachos.

Jean Lemieux, who works at the H.E.B. bakery on Marbach road, was equally taken aback. "I've just never seen anything quite like that. I wasn't sure what to make of it. It didn't look right, although I'm still learning the rules of line etiquette. But I also have to admit that I was a little distracted by his bald spot. I couldn't stop staring at it."

At least one movie-goer was irked, Steve Johnson, retired Air Force sergeant, had this to say: "That looked like the same kind of thing I saw people get away with when I was stationed in Italy! This is America-don't bring that junk over here! You gotta play by our rules!"

But not everyone was so put out. "At first I was all like ‘whoa, did you see that?'" said James Roark, 19, and attending the Angelina Jolie movie for the third time. "Then I was all like, ‘I'm not sure that's allowed', but at the end of the day you just have to ask yourself if you're going to let it bother you or just be awed by the awkward, strange beauty of it.  I mean you have to hand it to the dude, he covered a lot of territory in a short amount of time."