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NBA Finals Game 1 Links

The Spurs withstood the Heat, while LeBron James had to get out of the kitchen. Here are your Game 1 links.

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Game FlowShot Chart

Spurs Postgame Interviews: Coach PopTimmyTimmy On-Court,  Tony Parker, Danny Green 1Danny Green 2Kawhi LeonardBoBoManuPatty Mills

Miami Postgame Interviews: Ray AllenChris BoshShane BattierDwyane WadeCoach Spo

Rod Thorne, President of Basketball Operations Postgame Interview

48 Minutes of Hell brings us El Conclusion, grading out each Spurs player by Trevor Zickgraf. He also put together What's the Story, a collection of tweets concerning Game 1. Just imagine what the grades would look like if they didn't have 22 turnovers.

Also from 48MoH, a Game 1 recap from Andrew McNeill, and The Margin by Matthew Tynan, which includes this little ditty: "The Duncan-Boris-Leonard-Manu-Parker lineup played eight minutes in Game 1, most of any of the Spurs’ five-man units. When those five were on the floor at once, San Antonio boasted a 190.4 offensive-efficiency rating and a 57.1 defensive rating. Which is good." Just incredible.

James Herbert from CBS Sports has input from an NBPA exec on the a/c conditions for the game, as well as a little recap of his own.

CBS also has Zach Harper's Court Vision and Matt Moore's always good write-up.

Pre-Game, we are reminded to Remember The Alamo!'s Hangtime Blog brings us bits about ManuDanny Greenthe most important Game 1 stat, and LeBron's cramps.

Some crazy haircuts from Spurs fans

Bleacher Report looking to life after Manu. I don't even want to think about that right now.

Don't forget to check out PtR's recap by J. Gomez, and Traves Hale's Spurs take Game 1 of the Finals" So, what's next?

Grantland's Zach Lowe recapped Game 1 in all it's brilliance

From SB Nation's Tom Ziller, with a possible conspiracy theory that Pop built the Spurs to play in last night's warm conditions

Thanks to Cello The Great in the comments, take a look at Gatorade's hilarious response to LeBron's cramps

Game 2 is Sunday at 7. Be there or be lame.