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Spurs vs Heat Finals: Pre-Series Links

The Spurs are rested, at home and extremely motivated. Here's your list of pre-Game 1 reading material.

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In order for the Spurs to get back to the Finals, they first had to move on.  In regards to their first Finals loss, "lesser teams don't come back from that sort of heartache. The Spurs aren't a lesser team."

The Spurs get some rest, home court advantage and revenge.  "It is, without question, everything the Spurs could have wanted."

As easy as the Spurs make it look sometimes, never forget that it is not.  Appreciate it Spurs fans, because there are costs to playing this physical sport.

The future of the Spurs has spoken, and the future is now.  "They're the defending champions," Leonard said, "but just another team we have to get by."

The Foreign Legion in San Antonio:  How the Spurs built an internationally renowned bench and one of the best teams in the NBA.

Spurs Nation:  The Oral History of Tim Duncan.

ESPN:  Death, Taxes, and the Spurs’ Real Talent

The more things change, the more they remain the same.  However, is this just a continuation of last year’s seven game series?

Any surprise that Tim Duncan said, "We'll do it this time."?  After all, Coach Gregg Popovich stated, "OK, we had a shot last year, we didn't do it, but we have to go back there."

We know who the Lone Star state is backing and who Florida supports.  Take a look at this poll and see who the rest of the country is supporting.

Over on Project Spurs, there are multiple articles to lead us into the Finals:  X-Factor, Position by Position, Built vs Bought, and The Question Nobody Asked.

We all know Charles Barley picked against the Spurs, but here’s further explanation.  Feel free to go through the gallery.

Tim Duncan is a sure fire Hall of Famer with a legacy that is as solid as they come.  Regardless of the results, Timmy’s legacy is secure, no matter the result of this year’s Finals.

Is the Heat’s defense still a question mark?

Pounding the Rock:  ‘Nuff Said!

Video:  Who has the edge according to Antonio Davis?
Additional SBNation Links:  

Tom Ziller says, "Stop hating the Heat for the wrong reasons."

More on Timmy: Tim Duncan is the NBA's timeless superstar.