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Video: Kyle Anderson talks about wanting to be a Spur before the draft

Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

It looks like something from a much longer work, perhaps a documentary about Kyle Anderson as it purports to be. Maybe not. It opens on the facade of a public school in Weehawken, New Jersey, which is just five miles down the street from his home town of Fairfield, which is itself just across the Hudson River from Manhattan.

Transition to an out-of-focus shot that resolves into a banner that celebrates a 2009 sesquicentennial. Then a quick cut to the interior of a basketball court, with Anderson sitting in a chair, dressed in jeans and a UCLA warm-up jacket. His too-long legs comically akimbo and the soles of his shoes resting against each other, his shoulders slump as he punctuates his words with laconic gestures.

He's speaking to youngsters. Are they a basketball team, or just some elementary school kids? Hard to say. Anderson is telling them about what they need to do. He wants them to understand why he wishes the San Antonio Spurs would draft him, even though he knows it's unlikely because of how late their pick is. He says the kids must see the Spurs on TNT because of how beautiful San Antonio's basketball is. The date is April 9, 2014.

Fade to black.

Fade in to a crowded room on the night of the NBA Draft, June 26, 2014. Anderson sits again and his elbows rest on his knees. Quick cut to the TV as Adam Silver announces the 30th pick, the final pick of the 1st round, the San Antonio Spurs' selection: Kyle Anderson of UCLA.

Anderson smiles and tilts his head to the side as those around him mob him in celebration.

My favorite comment on the YouTube page for the video is from OcelotDAD:

Welcome to San Antonio Kyle. Now, what's your ring size? :)