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Spurs 2nd round draft pick Nemanja Dangubic can dunk like Blake Griffin?

You got me. I've never heard of the guy!
You got me. I've never heard of the guy!
Stephen Dunn

The Spurs traded picks 58 and 60 to Philadelphia in Thursday night's NBA Draft, and in return they received Namanja Dangubic. About whom little is known aside from his excellent showing in the 2014 Adidas Eurocamp, and the fact that the team he plays for in Serbia, Mega Vizura, has uniforms with pink shorts. That's right, the uniform bottoms are pink.

Well, try not to let the color of the trousers distract you from the way he dunks here, essentially doing to Joffrey Lauvergne what Blake Griffin did to Timofey Mozgov.

Dangubic isn't built anything like Griffin, and no one's saying that he has anything like the talent of the Clippers' star. But there's no getting around it, the man can throw it down: literally. He threw the ball down and it went through the goal.

Now expect to hear very little from Danjubic until he gains some weight, gets some more seasoning, improves his outside shot and ... I dunno, wins the MVP of EuroLeague before joining the Spurs in 2018 or something. Your guess is as good as mine.