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UCLA Bruins expert says Kyle Anderson makes the game slow down

J.R. Wilco talks about new Spur Kyle Anderson with Bruins Nation writer IE Angel.

Donald Miralle

When the San Antonio Spurs' first round pick was announced during the NBA Draft on Thursday, I was amazed that it wasn't a European draft-and-stash guy. Amazement turned to surprise, and surprise to intrigue. Kyle Anderson, a two-year player out of UCLA, was described by ESPN's panel as "the best passer in the draft" and " the most unique" player in college. They showed clips of him passing as I fell in love with this Boris Diaw-esque series of spins leading to a pass for an open dunk.

Well, I immediately knew what I needed to do: make use of SBNation's vast blog network to find someone who'd been watching Anderson as obsessively as I watch the Spurs, and invite him to have a conversation about the newest Spur. And so here we are. The conversation is happening right now, and this page will update every time a reply is posted. Follow along, and join in the discussion in the comments.