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Live blog of the 2014 NBA Draft

Stephen Shepperd and J.R. Wilco chat about the 2014 NBA Draft and watch as the rest of the league attempts to draft the solution to all their problems.


The 2014 NBA Draft gets underway tonight, and for many fans it's an opportunity to regain some sort of optimism towards their favorite team and erase the memory of the previous nine months.  A few teams will potentially reap the benefits of of a season chalk-full of "not tanking." This draft class has been coveted for a few years now, and a few cities are going to be the lucky ones who able to put their colors on these budding players and attempt to develop them into the superstars they are supposed to be.

The Spurs, on the other hand, have a lot of waiting around and watching to do. San Antonio has the 30th, 58th, and 60th pick in this years draft, and it should be fully expected that the selections will be foreign and/or completely absent on any "expert's" draft board. Hopefully you've read the Spurs fan's guid to the draft by now and understand how we are supposed to proceed throughout the evening while the rest of the league tries to solve all their problems with 18 and 19 year olds.

Below, J.R. Wilco and I chat about the 2014 NBA Draft as it unfolds, most likely saying silly things as if we have the rare foresight and acute wisdom of how each selection is going to pan out. No guarantees that I'll be able to shut my sartorial eye and ignore the well-tailored custom suits worn by the draftees either...