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The best videos from the Spurs' Championship run through the Finals

When something as amazing as this Spurs championship happens, you don't want to forget it. This is a post to bookmark so you can enjoy it all again whenever you feel like it. Whenever you need a reminder that it really happened.

Soobum Im-USA TODAY Sports

To re-live the capturing of the San Antonio Spurs' fifth championship trophy, I've compiled the videos that I thought either captured the story or told a part of it not everyone has seen. It begins at the end, with's minimovie of Game 5.

If you're anything like me, you love to watch the way that the Spurs interact with each other, especially the Big Three, and especially Manu Ginobili. This next video was shot in the arena on Sunday night, starting with 2:10 left in the fourth quarter when Manu's removed from the game after a Tony Parker free throw. The rest of the video is seven minutes of Manu and his interactions with his teammates while the game winds down. Hugs with Duncan, coaches, assistants, Parker, his wife. I found it compelling.

To the man we now call the MVP of the 2014 NBA Finals, Kawhi Leonard's best plays captured by the super-slow motion Phantom camera.

Here are the rest of the minimovies.

Game 4

This is the video that begins with that awesome moment Pop has with Marco Belinelli, who had that huge momentum-killing three in game three to put the Spurs back up by 10 and end the Heat's third-quarter comeback attempt.

Game 3

The Kawhi Leonard game. The two-Heat-losses in a row game. The first 2014 Miami playoff loss at home game. The game that kicked off three straight blowouts to end the Finals. That game. Enough said.

Game 2

Some great stuff from Pop in the timeouts. Really great quotes that do a great job of showing you what he's like with the team, especially in pressure moments.

Game 1

The AC game. The Cramps game. The best-shooting-quarter-in-Finals-history game. The game that turned the magic number on the Spurs bulletin board to "3."

But we're not done yet. I'm sure you remember the tear-jerking tribute video "The Beautiful Game" that was released just about a month ago. If you somehow missed it, please go watch it right now. Well, the guy who put it together, Colin Stanton, did a follow-up, and 'The Beautiful Game: Part 2" is just as much of a must-see as the first.

And thanks to nicolaspursfan88 who suggested the excellent compilation: Reborn from the Ashes. It's not just the terrific set-up (that starts where the story begins, in Game 6 of last year's Finals), the excellent music, and the great editing. It's the way that @WoodyAllen is able to get all of the playoffs recapped so quickly, leaving the bulk of the 21 minutes for showing the best plays from each of the five Finals games, and still include some footage from the celebration that I hadn't seen before. Definitely worth the time it takes to watch.

And here's one on Timmeh from Whirlwide Liter that's quite nice.

Those are my favorite ones, but if I've overlooked something noteworthy or moving, let me know in the comments.