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World Cup Open Thread

It's time for soccerfutbol!

Jamie McDonald

I'm going to apologize for not having a thread for the Argentina game, but in my role as unofficial APO, I had to procure copious amounts of alcohol for our company picnic yesterday morning. And let's face it - I'm an American, and I barely know that soccerfutbol exists except during the World Cup.

Speaking of football, the American version is really a misnomer. Futbol? Literally consists of feet constantly striking the ball. Aussie rules? I don't understand this game at all, but I do know that one of the ways to advance the ball is by kicking the crap out of it. American football? I think there are more kicked balls in a typical basketball games than in a typical football game. Besides, if kicking were such an important part of the game, would they be talking about getting rid of PATs? I think not. So in the spirit of the loser thread that this is, I think PTR should rename the game. So vote in the poll - extra points :) to those with suggestions in the comments.

Now on to today's games... oh who am I kidding - the US is playing the Pretty Boy at 4:30 pm STTOTTM and that's all I really care about. So hang out in the meantime and I'll leave this song for your entertainment.