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See the SA Stars, get a Kawhi bobble head, and take a picture with all 5 Championship Trophies

Come out and support the San Antonio Stars for just $20 on Thursday the 26th.

Soobum Im-USA TODAY Sports

Not only will you get to see Becky Hammon, Danielle Robinson and the rest of the Stars, you can pick up the Kawhi "It almost looks like me" Leonard bobble head, and take a picture with all of the Larry O'Briens the Spurs own.


If that link doesn't work here is the link:

The PROMO code is: Spurs

If you have any questions contact:

Danny Farias

Group Sales Account Executive

Spurs Sports & Entertainment

One AT&T Center Parkway

San Antonio, TX 78219

Tel: 210-444-5607

Fax: 210-444-5699