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The whole world celebrates the Spurs' championship

A collection of headlines and stories from around the world celebrate the contributions of the Spurs' international players.

Soobum Im-USA TODAY Sports

San Antonio Spurs: The World's Team

The San Antonio Spurs' may not be America's basketball team (big-market teams like the Lakers, Bulls, and possibly even the Heat likely edge out the Spurs for that distinction) but there is no question that the Spurs are the world's team.

With the most international roster in NBA finals (and regular season) history, it's no surprise that Spurs fans around the globe celebrated the championship along with San Antonio. Below is a sampling of newspaper headlines from the home countries of the Spurs foreign legion.


Italy celebrates Marco

La Repubblica

Belinelli: I am happy, and Italy is on top of the world

Corriere Della Sera

The triumph of Belinelli's Spurs, the first Italian NBA Champion


France loves Tony, Boris and the Spurs

Le Monde

NBA: Parker's San Antonio Spurs battle LeBron James' Heat and become champions

Le Figaro

San Antonio, the story without an end

Le Figaro (interview with Tony)

Parker: A dream-like season


Manu is still a hero in Argentina

La Nacion

Manu Ginobili is an NBA champion for the fourth time

La Nacion

Popovich, the man who designed the world's best team

La Nacion (Ginobili's column)

We played like a superteam.


Brazil went crazy over Splitter's block on Wade...


The Spurs trample the Heat again and get a home win for the NBA title.


Champion, Tiago Splitter remembers the conquest and minimizes Wade's play


Splitter overcomes a familiar and shameful drama with revenge and an unprecedented NBA mark


Canada takes notice of Cory and the Spurs

The Star

Dominating Spurs claim fifth NBA championship

Toronto Sun


Australia gushes with pride for Patty and Aron

The Australian

Article: San Antonio Spurs end Miami Heat's NBA title reign

Video: Patty Mills leads Spurs to NBA Championship glory

Sydney Morning Herald


This team is so easy to root for.

Questa squadra è così facile fare il tifo per.

Cette équipe est si facile à la racine pour.

Este equipo es tan fácil de arraigar para.

Esta equipe é tão fácil de torcer.

This team is so easy to root for, eh.

This team is so easy to root for, mate.

[Ed note: I used Google translate for all but the Canadian and Australian translations.]