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Spurs vs. Thunder - Fraternizing with the Enemy: No more 2012

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During the Western Conference Finals, J.A. Sherman of Welcome to Loud City and I discussed all things Spurs/Thunder and ThunderSpurs. The first installment is here. The second installment was in two parts, here and here. Then came the thirdfourth and fifth.

Now that the series is over, it's time to wrap it all up. Sherm and I are using the new format where you see the conversation as it happens, instead of making you guys wait until we're done. So keep checking back as we keep updating it.

Also, be familiar with this play. We talk about it a lot:


J.R. Wilco
Mon ami, what a game that was. And because it ended that way -- what a series. Gone are the thoughts of a never-ending series of blowouts (although Game 4 never really qualified because your guys won by just 9) and gone are the questions about whether there'd ever be a competitive game. Because we didn't just get a tight game, we got a classic for the ages. Kawhi Leonard started it off with a slam dunk in the face of Serge Ibaka. Tony Parker played the first half only. Cory Joesph stepped in admirably. Manu Ginobili shot poorly until the game was on the line and Tim Duncan owned everybody in overtime. Russell Westbrook had a terrific game, but both he and Kevin Durant had difficulty in the extra period.

Thanks for joining me for this one because I honestly don't know whether I'd be able to fraternize with you if the Spurs had dropped the series. So, I'll let you set the table here. Where do you want to go first?