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GIF Breakdown: NBA Finals Game 5 - Part 2

The conclusion to the second half of Game Five, where the Spurs closed out the Heat after opening the game up behind Patty Mills' 14 third quarter points.

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Part 1 is here.

Neither team was able to score for the first three minutes of the half so Manu Ginobili forced the issue. He attacks in transition, draws a foul, and gets himself to the free throw line.


A couple minutes later Patty Mills happened to the Heat. After receiving the pass from Ginobili in the corner and LeBron James closing out, Mills drives baseline and with the floor spread there is no one to help stop Patty from finishing the easy layup.


A great entry pass from Gino to Boris Diaw forces LeBron to rotate over to Boris and Ray Allen to leave Patty to stop Kawhi Leonard's baseline cut. Result: A wide open Patty Mills triple. Can anyone remember seeing Boris give a fist pump after scoring? If you didn't read the great piece by Jonathan Abrams about Boris and Tony at Grantland, I give my highest recommendation of it.


You've heard it a million times by now, but everybody on the Spurs can pass and they had the best passing front-court in the league. Kawhi drives and kicks to Tiago Splitter and the big Brazillian quickly drives, evades LeBrons steal attempt,  and hits Patty, who benefited from Boris' back-screen on Marion Chalmers, with a nice pass to give Mills just enough time to beat the shot-clock. That's a 20-point Spurs lead.


Mario Chalmers had a terrible series and here we see Danny Green and Patty run a little two man game that for some reason causes Chalmers to just quit. Did he get hit? Looks like a defensive flop to me. Perhaps it's unclear, but I do know it led to Danny touch passing it back to Mills who takes two dribbles and backs up behind the arc, that's how open he is, and the Aussie drains another deep ball.


Boris and Timmy do a little shuffle to get Duncan the ball in the post against LeBron. LeBron was the best player in the series and he's a great defender, but Tim is a lot taller than James and Big Fun keeps the party going by knocking down a turnaround fade-away J.


Tony, who missed his first 10 field goals of the game, joined the fun at the end of the third. He takes advantage of the mismatch that is presented, crossing over Chris Bosh and knocking down his step left jumper at the free throw line.


Tony to Manu to Timmy for the and-one. Beautiful. Classic. Amazine!


Here Danny Green sets a down screen for Boris to get out to the wing. Timmy sets a second screen, knocking off Beasley enough for Boris to line up and knock down the attempt from downtown.


Once Tony saw the ball go through the net I think he wanted to see it go through again and again. Here he needs just a little hesitation to blow by Birdman and connect on his leaning floater. After his 0-for-10 start Tony went 7-for-7 from the field.


When something is working, it's not a bad idea to keep going with it. Parker draws Beasley out to the perimeter, then he goes right, and finishes with the floater in the lane.


I love how the Spurs beautifully move the ball all over the court just to get it back to Tony for an isolation. Tony's feeling it and Wade is unable to stop French Boy from scoring. The Heat cut the Spurs' lead to 14 two minutes into the fourth, but the Spurs shut that down and cruised to their redeeming, healing victory.


It was a remarkable season. Enjoy the Summer, or Winter for you southern hemisphere £ers, and we'll be back with more GIF Breakdowns in October.

This team was so easy to root for.

Bonus GIFs:

Pop's the best troll.


Words can't explain!


A few of us boys actually know him as rang'r, which is short for orangutan. -Patty Mills


The Hand