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Kawhi Leonard is your NBA Finals MVP

The young stud became the third youngest player to win the award behind only Magic Johnson who did it at 20 and 22. Kawhi just edged out Tim Duncan, who did it two months after he turned 23.

Brendan Maloney-USA TODAY Sports

To the immense delight of every single one of Kawhi's teammates, the future of the Spurs was named the Most Valuable Player of these NBA Finals that the Spurs dominated. The good guys outscored the Heat by at least 15 in each of their four victories to finish off their amazine post-season run. Kawhi started these Finals a little off, but Gregg Popovich told Kawhi something between Game Two and Game Three and all we were told is that it was "family business."

Whatever was said, it worked, and Kawhi Leonard was the best player on the court for the last three games of the series and he capped it off with an otstanding, Tim Duncan-esque 22 and 10 in the closeout game. True to form, Kawhi wasn't able to muster many words in his interview after getting the award, pretty much just saying that the whole thing is "surreal."

Like Tony Parker said, this championship is the sweetest one. Enjoy it Spurs fans, we're a lucky bunch, and this season was a ton of fun. Celebration time!!!