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GIF Breakdown: NBA Finals Game 4 - 2nd Quarter -- San Antonio Spurs at Miami Heat

Part Two of the Game Four Breakdowns.

Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports

Welcome back, Pounders. If you missed the first quarter GIFs, you can find them here.

Drive and kick, drive and kick. The Spurs just keep moving, keep coming at you, it's relentless. In this play Manu drives and dishes to Patty in the corner, but Dwyane Wade closes out so Patty puts it on the floor and drives baseline where Chris Anderson picks him up which leaves Tiago Splitter open in the lane. A mid-air wraparound bounce-pass from Patty to Splitter leads to the easy layup.


Check out this mesmerizing play that leads to a dunk for Boris Diaw. There are three passes and the slam in three seconds, which is awesome. Our very own J. Gomez described the play:

The Spurs used floppy screens, designed to free up a shooter. Then as the Heat tried to prevent the open look by trapping, Green made the pass to the open man. Wade and James did the right thing by switching on the strong side but it's two against one. Diaw is so smart that he created a big passing angle by moving a couple of steps back and Tiago made the right pass.


Well, Boris is the leading assist man for the Spurs in these Finals and this behind-the-back bouncer to Tiago Splitter for a dunk is a beauty. How many guys in the league have the vision and the skill to make that happen?


How about Splitter getting set up off of a Matt Bonner dribble drive? That's just solid, fundamental basketball and Splitter goes with his reverse to keep Birdman and LeBron away from the shot with this pretty finish.


In his press conference on Saturday Tim Duncan said, "I feel like we can do it [continue to compete] until we don't want to do it anymore." Tim and the Spurs sure seem like they can still do it. Great passing here leads to a one-hand slam from Timmy followed by a little fist pump from the big fella.


Here's Kawhi Leonard's monster put-back jam. You can check out more angles in J.R. Wilco's post dedicated to just this play.


The second half is coming soon.