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GIF Breakdown: NBA Finals Game Four 1st quarter - San Antonio Spurs at Miami Heat

The Spurs were fantastic in Thursday night's win. It's easy to point at Kawhi or Boris' performance as the reason the good guys came away with a victory, but Game Four's win was another team effort from San Antonio. Let's look at some first quarter highlights.

Andy Lyons

Let's start this edition of GIF Breakdown with the Spurs' first score of the game. Boris Diaw handles the ball in transition and pushes it up the court to Kawhi Leonard who makes a move right at Chris Bosh just outside the restricted area. Before the two of them collide Whi gets the Ball to Tim Duncan, who scores off the glass before joining Leonard and Bosh on the ground.


This two-man game between Boris and Danny Green is awesome. After a hand-off Danny curls into the lane and passes it back to Boris, hesitates slightly which gets Dwyane Wade to slow to a walk , and then runs to the right corner where Bobo hits him with a little shovel-pass. Boris positions himself so that Bosh can't close out to Danny and Wade was too slow to get out to Green before Danny gets his shot off.


Boris, who finished with eight points, nine rebounds and nine assists, just plays such smart basketball. He's a ton of fun to watch and he makes a great play after Tony Parker whips it to him. Tony sees that the Heat defense has been completely pulled in by the drive of the fantastic Frenchman and slyly moves out near the three-point line where Boris seems to be the only person on the floor that has noticed that Tony is wide open. Bobo makes the nice pass and then uses his body to make sure that no one would be closing out on TP.



No matter what you think about Matt Bonner on the court, if you're a Spurs fan you must have at least a little soft spot for the veteran Spur who is the only guy on the roster besides the Big-3 that was also on the 2007 championship team. So this play makes me happy for Matty. It's the first quarter of a big game and Matt Bonner calls for the ball, gets it, fakes Shane Battier out of the picture and then puts the ball on the floor twice before converting a hop-step floater. The Medium Fundamental looks good out there!


The Heat do their customary trap of the ball handler, so Manu Ginobili passes the ball through LeBron James and Chris Anderson to Tiago, who does something simple yet great. He is patient and he knows that someone is open so he turns, looks and sees Patty Mills moving from the corner to just above the break. Then it's just a solid pass out to the little Aussie for the triple.


Check out LeBron as he commits one of his 18 turnovers of the series. This one is completely unforced, he just bounced the ball off of his foot, and it didn't take very long for the Spurs to turn that into a couple of points. Matty B picks up the loose ball and gives it to Kawhi who makes a great pass to the sprinting Patty Mills for an easy layup. 6_patty_transition

That's it for the first quarter of action. We'll be back with the rest of the game soon.