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Spurs Infographic: NBA Finals, Game 4

Well, that was quite the victory for the Spurs. Gregg Popovich has put on one heck of a coaching performance this season. One reporter asked him who the Finals MVP was after Game Four and Pop responded with, "next question." Let's be real, Kawhi's been great the past couple games, Timmy's a rock, Tony's been solid, Manu's been good , and Boris has been the key like I said months ago. But the guy who truly deserves that silly individual award if the Spurs win is Pop. Outside of that the team deserves it as a whole. I'm serious. If the Spurs bring home the LOB, the team deserves it, no matter what happens for the rest of the series. And that's what makes this team so easy to root for.

Once again, Mariah Medina has provided us with another beautiful Spurs infographic. Boris Diaw was a rebound, assist and score away from a triple double in this one. My boy Bobo has been amazing during this postseason run, and he was again outstanding in this contest. Of course the big story for the Spurs is how well Kawhi played. He tallied an amazing 20 points, 14 rebounds and three steals and blocks. I'm hesitant to say that he has taken a step, but man, what he's done these past two games is incredible.

The Heat also have more turnovers than assists in this series, for whatever you want to make of that. You know that incredible video that was made about the Spurs, the one that showed them making the pass from good to great? Well, it was called a romantic vision of the Spurs at their best, but the Spurs have put it all together at the right time, peaking in the playoffs and carrying it through to the present. The swells in the music are perfectly timed in the video, and it certainly makes it easy to romanticize the Spurs. Thing is, is that may just be who these Spurs are. The Spurs are just a heck of a basketball team.

I thought it was funny after Game Two when some people thought that the Spurs got lucky when they shot 75.8% from the field in the first half. I mean, of course that shooting efficiency is incredible, but it was far from luck. The Spurs have been destroying opposing teams throughout the playoffs, especially in first halves. The Heat's defense before this series was mediocre at best and they have gotten by on great offense. They ran into a great offense and a great defense. The Eastern Conference did nothing to prepare them for what the Spurs have brought.

Even the good guys can't play close to perfection for more than a quarter, and they've certainly had a couple of incredible ones during the Finals, but the team has clearly showed that even if they can't always touch perfection they are capable of beautiful and gritty basketball. This team of cast-offs and aging legends has made team basketball a real option. It's beautiful and this team is truly easy to root for.